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TaylorMade M6 – A Detailed Review of Speed-Injected Twist Face Driver

The TaylorMade M6 Driver is the best in the world, so if you’re looking for a new club, this is your best bet. This driver comes with amazing head size and weight distribution. However, one thing in the M6 driver that attracts the most eyes is the Speed-Injected Twist Face. With Speed Injection and Hammerhead 2.0 Slot, you will get better Inertia and aerodynamics to hit powerful shots. In addition, you will find that now it’s easier to get the ball in the air without any excess power from your arms. So, if you are looking for the best driver in the market, here’s the TaylorMade M6 Driver Review.

Basic Outline of TaylorMade M6

Speed Injected Twist Face technology from TaylorMade minimizes twisting of the face and produces a penetrating ball flight. Additionally, it improves airflow over the Speed Pocket (TaylorMade’s patented high-speed area on the sole of the clubhead) for faster ball speed and maximum distance. Additionally, this Driver comes with a special Hammerhead 2.0 slot design that increases clubhead stability by increasing perimeter weighting while offsetting the moveable weights to produce a longer, more penetrating ball flight.

Driver Dimensions

TaylorMade M6 is tailored to meet the requirements of every professional golfer. With their unique Twist Face and Unique Twist geometry, this golf will become your new favorite. Here’s a rundown of some basic specifications of the M6 golf drive:

  • Driver Length: 45″, 45.5″, or 46″
  • Clubhead Loft:5, 12.5, 14.5
  • Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Black 5 & Fujikura Atmos Orange 6
  • Flex Type: Senior, Regular, Stiff, -Stiff


You can choose an M6 Driver from this list based on your requirements. But, despite whatever you choose, you can rest assured that this perfectly engineered shape delivers just the perfect amount of power you need in your shots.

What’s Special?

Whether you will play for your club’s reputation or have some fun time with your friends, the M6 driver is just the right choice for you. You will get surprising results in your shots with these individually calibrated driver heads. Take a quick look at some top class features of TaylorMade M6 drivers:

Speed-Injected Twist Face

TaylorMade M6 Driver is the top-class golf that has been engineered with Speed-Injection technology. This technology will minimize twisting of the face, producing an extremely penetrating ball flight in your shots. As a result, you will get a surprising speed and maximum distance from your shot, no matter how hard you swing your club.

Dual Roll Technology and Hammerhead 2.0 Slot Design

M6 Driver comes with Dual Roll Technology that combines extreme center of gravity locations with movable weights to tune the MOI however you want it. In addition, Hammerhead 2.0 slot design increases clubhead stability by increasing perimeter weighting while offsetting the moveable weights to produce a longer, more penetrating ball flight than any other driver on the market today.

Inertia Generator

M6 Driver has an aerodynamic carbon sole design that works great as an Inertia Generator. This design helps to create a solid feel in shots and improves performance by maximizing controllability. The high portion of the face on the M6 driver is slightly angled, which creates a large amount of Inertia and additional power in your swing. The design of this driver allows storing weight low of 46g, which provides maximum forgiveness.

Speed Pocket Technology

This technology is used not only on M6 Driver to produce an efficient aerodynamic sound but also effective for increasing ball speed. It will help you have a good shot every time you are out there on the field. M6 driver powers 54% more carbon in its design than its predecessors. The higher carbon level is what generates high Inertia in your shots.

You can choose where, how much and what weight you would like to use. That’s the main reason M6 Driver is considered the world’s most versatile driver because it provides personalized features which will bring out your full potential in hitting shots.

Performance of TaylorMade M6 Driver

When you purchase TaylorMade M6 Driver, you can expect a total package that delivers more power. TaylorMade engineers have worked on this driver head design for years to provide what consumers need in a driver. This is why the M6 Driver is used by many professional golfers worldwide today. Here’s a breakdown of some basic points that define the performance of this driver in the first place:

• Distance

The Speed-Injected Twist Face on this model is one of its most unique features. The head has been worked to control face angle during impact, providing a penetrating ball flight and maximum distance. With long-lasting performance in the first year and proven durability, M6 Driver will stand out at any distance golf course you face.

• Control

With the adjustable Dual Roll System, you can fine-tune the MOI of this driver by adding or removing weight from its sole according to your preferences. Easily set up for a closed clubface for more control or open for more forgiveness as you see fit.

• Forgiveness

TaylorMade engineered the M6 Driver with Dual Roll Technology. This design will improve your performance based on how much weight you place in the heel-toe orientation of the driver’s head. When you add more heel weight, it will have more face closure for maximum forgiveness. If you like to have a high MOI and an open face, then use the M6 Driver with more toe weight for increased MOI.

• Accuracy

The materials used for this driver’s face provide a look and feel with higher MOI down the center of the clubface, where you need it most. This is what makes M6 such a great choice when accuracy at address is your main concern.

• Playability/Trajectory

The face shape of the M6 Driver is slightly angled to increase aerodynamic sound and produce more Inertia in shots. This gives you a solid feel as you swing, making the M6 Driver so easy to control on off-center hits.

You can expect that the combination of Speed-Injected Twist Face and rotating weight will deliver you maximum distance at a reasonable spin ratio around the green. In addition, TaylorMade’s M^ Driver is engineered to deliver increased forgiveness, allowing you great playability on off-center hits.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a driver who offers versatile features and higher forgiveness in your shots, you have come to the right place. M6 Driver is your golf trainer who will take your game to the next level. This driver head is equipped with remarkably engineered Speed-Injection Twist Face Technology that offers perfection in every shot.

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