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Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners

by golfdent

Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners

Golf is one of the most enjoyable sports, but sometimes it can even become a frustrating one, especially when you begin your golfing journey. The first and foremost thing you should know that it is quite an expensive game, from clubs to balls; everything will cost enough money. However, if you just began your journey of playing golf, you will be lending your friends’ equipment for playing a day or two, but it won’t take you any further if you want to add some seriousness to your game take it to another level. Therefore, you need to get the best golf club sets for beginners present out there.


Because the club is the most vital equipment in golf that makes the ball do the magic. Thus, you need to get the right weapon for your golf needs; then, you can choose from the golf club sets specially tailored to make your swing shot easier and enhance your game level. Therefore, keeping the beginner golfer thing in mind and also determined a fair price factor, below you will find the best golf club sets for beginners that you can buy in 2021.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set

The Callaway ultimate strata are specially designed to meet amateur golfer’s demands in the best way possible. It is among the best golf club sets for beginners, which have technical advances and high detailing. From putters to drivers, you will get everything in it, making it easier for you to practice and begin developing your golf skills. So let us talk about the features of Callaway’s ultimate strata in detail.


  • You will get 12 clubs, including 3 and 5 wood, a driver, two hybrids, a pitching wedge, 6 through 9 irons, and a putter.
  • It also contains a sand wedge that you will have to buy separately for other golf club brands.
  • The clubs are manufactured using titanium, and it has a large clubhead, which means you will get enough space for hitting the ball.
  • The hybrid clubs allow you to have more control over the shots, and you will get a 4H and 5H hybrid.
  • The combination of iron is used in manufacturing the club helps in balancing the shots.
  • Each club is integrated with high-flight technology and stainless steel material used in manufacturing pitching wedge and sand wedge.
  • The putter has a larger surface of 3.5-degree loft that enables you to play precise shots.



  • The club set worth every penny you spend on them.
  • The club bag has lots of pockets that enable you to store accessories.
  • The irons club is engineered to hit good shots, although a club set entirely made from iron can perform better.
  • Twelve clubs make this the best golf club sets for beginners.



  • The putter is shaped in a mallet-style, which may not fit everybody.
  • The grips of the club are thinner than expected.

Wilson Golf Ultra Complete Club Set

These Wilson clubs will provide you an excellent feel of quality from their club set, and beginners can easily find their way to enhance the game’s level with these clubs. However, it is not as complete as the Callaway strata, but still, it has a great range of clubs. You will get a fairway wood, driver, 6 through 9 irons, a hybrid, putter, and pitching wedge in this club set.

But the major missing thing is a sand wedge. Thus, adding one from the fairway wood would have increased the value of the club; that’s why it is the best golf club sets for beginners UK or USAThe club will be delivered packed in a self-activating stand bag, which has a lot of pockets that enable you to store essential stuff. Without further ado, let us look at the features of Wilson clubs.



  • You will get a fairway wood, 6 through 9 irons, a hybrid, a driver, a pitching wedge, and a putter.
  • It has a 460cc driver with a big sweet spot making it easier for beginners to take a shot.
  • The hybrid in set enables you to hit the golf ball with ease.
  • The company has used stainless steel to manufacture the clubs, and it is engineered for precision and longer shots.
  • The lightweight, high-quality carry bag has adjustable shoulder straps, numerous pockets, rugged handle tops, and a self-activating stand.
  • Scoring clubs are integrated with very low weighting for improved shot-making and better greenside control.
  • The material used in the shaft is alloy steel.
  • The club is specially manufactured for right-hand golfers.
  • The material used in producing these clubs is blended to ensure robust strength.



  • It is among the best golf club sets for beginners available at an affordable price.
  • Irons and drivers offer an excellent level of forgiveness and prevent the users from missing the hit.
  • The irons are integrated with steel shafts to have great accuracy and better control over the club during the swing.
  • It has a premium grip, which is embedded with markings to improve grip.



  • It is not suitable for elite golfers as it is specially manufactured for beginners.
  • You have to purchase a sand wedge from other brands.

Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners!!

  • Golf is an expensive game, and beginners have to consider the cost incurred in buying the club set to improve the game of the golfer. Moreover, you should look for the best golf club sets for beginners that will enable you to enhance your gameplay level.
  • When you are looking for a club set, you should consider that clubs are made from robust material and have a larger surface, which enables you to take a good shot.
  • It might feel that club sets are expensive for beginners, but a one-time investment is needed to take your game on serious notes. Thus, it worth comparing different club sets and finds the right set, which will provide you a complete set of clubs along with a putter and a pitching wedge.

Thus, the information mentioned above will help you choose the best golf club sets for beginners and enable you to increase your game level.

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