How To Drive a Golf Ball Straight Every Time

How To Drive a Golf Ball Straight Every Time?

When asked by a golfer what makes them the happiest, the answer would be driving the golf ball straight. Doing just the some more than once is like a cherry on the top of the cake. Though it may sound exciting to do, it requires a specific technique golfer has to follow.

The technique can be pretty difficult for beginners to grasp, but that does not imply it is impossible. Following it properly and consistently help you attain this goal sooner than expected. So, here’s the guide to assist you in driving the golf ball straight every time you play the game.


Stance can be a game-changer when it comes to hitting the ball. If you have a good stance, you can have a pretty straight hit, and that too easily. So you have to pay undivided attention to the distance between the two legs.

Make sure that the legs are shoulder-width apart. Do not keep your knees up straight while taking the shot. It would be best if you bent them slightly to be in a comfortable position. If you bend too much, it can also affect the outcome you want to have with the shot.

When the bending of the knees is paired with the narrow stance, the swing you take with the club becomes pretty effective. Attaining this position is not challenging. Thus, any beginner can do it effortlessly. You just need to ensure that your legs and shoulders are aligned parallel to the direction you want your ball to go.

If you aim for a faraway distance, keeping a wider distance between the feet would be the right choice. However, if you are not too familiar with such a stance, try going only a little bit beyond the width of both shoulders. This stance will allow you to have better control resulting in accuracy.

One of the best ways to achieve this position is envisioning a straight line to the hole (or target. The ball will be traveling along this line. Thus, you can have a better idea of aligning the shoulders and leg. Just ensure that both the body parts are in the direction parallel to the environmental line.


Besides the position you have while playing the game, your grip is another factor that can drive your ball straight to the hole. For giving a straight drive to the ball, you need it to be whipped rather than being chopped.

For whipping the golf ball, the place and the manner you grip the club can determine the shot’s accuracy. So how and where do you need to grip the golf club? Towards the end and high up. Such a gripping method will give the maximum power when you take the swing.

However, if you are not habitual to gripping the club at such a height, the accuracy of the hit may be disturbed. If you do not want o trade the accuracy, try lowering the grip slightly. You can attain the perfect height for yourself if you slowly lower your hands and reach a distance that allows you to swing accurately.


Since you are done with the stance and gripping the club, it is time to learn the master technique. Rather than just swinging the club, you need to pay attention to the pre-shot routine and the swing. Depending upon the level you have chosen for your grip, you need to follow a slightly different procedure.

  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • High On The Grip

If you decide to go for a higher grip, here is what you need to know for the pre-shot routine. Since a higher grip allows more power in the swing, you are already at an advantage. All you need to do for this routine is draw the club in the upward direction and bring it back.

While doing so, make sure you are shifting your weight to the right foot. All your attention needs to be on the ball while doing this. Another thing that may be helpful is not backswing the club too much.

Low On The Grip

Since you have a lower grip, you need not worry about the accuracy. You need to pull the club up and then down. Your weight should be evenly distributed with a little shifting on the right foot. Your head and torso need to be straight, which will allow you to center the ball perfectly.

Another factor is the speed at which you are moving the club should not be too much or too low. Instead, you need to maintain a moderate pace.

The Actual Swing

You need to whip the club to have a straighter shot. In order to do that, just bring the club down and take a hit on the ball. Always keep the face of the club in such a way that it directly strikes the center of the golf ball.

One way to achieve a perfect swing with a higher grip is to let the club contact with the ball from underneath. Then, when the club is swung, the ball follows the upward motion. This method can help you wing in a better way.

Swing For The Low On The Grip

The principle of swing with a lower grip is the same as a higher grip one. You need to swing the club and not chop it. However, with this grip, you will need to make the strike more powerful on your own, as the lower grip does not provide additional power.

Though you should not go overbroad with this suggestion, you need a moderately powerful blow. Make sure that the face of the club is flat when you are striking the ball off your tee. You need to hit under the center rather than hitting on the center like in the high on grip swing.

Regardless of where you grip the club, you should maintain good form.

The Final Words

Driving the golf ball straight is not too hard if you stay consistent with the practice. Of course, you may not get the desired results within the first try, but you shall be able to hit the ball perfectly in the long run whenever you step on the golf course.

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