What To Wear Golfing For The First Time

What To Wear Golfing For The First Time?

Golfing for the first time can be the most exciting experience. Often the beginners want to dive into the sea of rules of this particular game. However, on the very first day, something else demands more attention from the newbie. It is the choice of clothes. So if you have the same worry, here is what you need to consider.

Golf Attire For The First-Timers

Since golf is loved by both genders, there is a specific set of clothes for both men and women. The attire is designed in a way to get accustomed to the atmosphere of the golf course. Going for breathable and light clothes while you are playing can be really helpful.

Attire For Males While Playing Golf

The first requirement of such clothing is comfort. You cannot wear something that will bother you continuously while trying to learn the ins and outs of the game.

Golf Shirt

You can easily find a lot of golf shirts in the market which offer a great variety. With the variety, you can also see a lot of material being used in them. However, you cannot just simply choose the one that seems alright.

 As you would be in an open area where the weather can sometimes be harsh, you need a light fabric. Such a shirt will let your skin breathe amidst the scorching environment. Therefore, you should go for a shirt that is light in color and absorbent in nature. It is really necessary to pay attention to this factor as you would be sweating a lot while being in the field.

While purchasing a shirt to wear at the field, you need to ensure that it is of appropriate length. Generally, the tops worn by men are shorter than those used for golfing. When you are playing golf, due to the movement of the arms, the shirt is bound to ride up. Thus, having a longer one will ensure that it does not happen.

Golf Pants And Shorts

Since you know the kind of shirt you should go for, now is the time to pair it with the appropriate bottoms. For other sports, the first choice of the payers is to go for athletic pants. But, since golf is pretty different, it is recommended that you go for khaki pants.

Though there is one requirement, there should be no cargo pockets. Even for the shorts, you cannot purchase one with these pockets. Furthermore, the optimum length of the shorts should be till the knees. Besides this, you need to make sure that you can move comfortably with pants or shorts. 

Golf Shoes

Since you are visiting the golf course for the first time, there s no need to splurge a huge amount on the golf shoes. Instead, wear a comfortable pair of sneakers you own. Unlike the other clothing articles, golf is pretty lenient when it comes to the type of shoes you wear. So there is nothing you have to worry about. 

Nevertheless, there is one condition that you must fulfill. It is not to damage the beauty of the greenery. Therefore, you need to put on shoes that do not let you slip and do not uproot the grass.

Additional Items


Though wearing a belt is not mandatory, it will allow you to play freely. If the pair of shorts or pants are a bit loose, you’d be in constant worry of pulling it up. If it is a perfect fit, it will not remain fixed to the waist as your body will be moving continuously. You can wear any belt that you own.


While standing in the sun for so long, having sweaty feet that cling to the shoe is the last thing you want. Another major reason to wear a pair of socks is to avoid the deadly smell thrown off by the shoe. While looking for the perfect pair, try the one that goes to the height of the shoe. It is also recommended to choose white-colored ones.

Hats And Gloves

If you want to protect your face from the sun, you can wear any hat you desire. A baseball cap, bucket hat, fedora, or visor will do the job.

While talking about the gloves, these can be the right choice if you want to enhance the grip on the club. You may have seen the golfers only having a single glove on. Again there is no restriction on gloves, so wear them accordingly.

What to wear golfing for the first time, ladies

If you are a woman playing golf, then the clothing requirement may differ from a typical man’s attire. 

Golf Shirt

As a woman, you can choose a collared shirt similar to a male’s. However, you can even put on a sleeveless shirt for warmer days. In addition, some golf courses allow females to have turtle necks on in the winters.

Golf Skirt Pants And Shorts

For the world’s female population, there is an addition to the variety of bottoms they can wear for this game. Along with pants and shorts, a girl can wear a skirt of appropriate length. Just try to go for longer bottoms as the too sort ones may lead to golf personnel calling you out. When it comes to the material, khaki, linen, or cotton will do the job.

Golf Shoes

The criterion for choosing shoes is still the same. In simple words, you need to ensure that the grass is not uprooted. Thus, you cannot wear sandals, heels, or flip-flops. Instead, try to choose golf shoes or plain white sneakers.

Additional Items

Just like men, you can wear additional accessories if that’s what you feel like. The additional items include:

  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Gloves

Depending upon the preference and the weather requirement and the game, you need to use these.

Something To Protect Against The Cold

For both men and women, the golf course management allows wearing jackets to stay warm. You can also wear a vest, sweater, or windbreaker that does not look too casual to be worn outside.


By following the proper dress code of this marvelous game, you can have one of the best experiences in the world. Now you can completely focus on improving the gameplay since you wear the perfect set of clothes.

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