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Draw vs Fade in Golf: The Differences and Which One Is Better for You? ​

When you start learning to play Golf, everybody wants to hit the ball straight out to the hole, but they fail to do so as they lose control or have an improper stance. But you should know that various shots are hit intentionally to move or swing to the left or right after hitting the ball. These shots are called fade or draw shots.

To become good at Golf, you must learn to play all the common and most used shots such as slices, hooks, draw, fade, and straight shots. So, to know more about fade and draw shots and how you can play them correctly, keep reading this guide.

What Is A Fade Shot?

Fade Shot

A fade shot is called when a ball swings outward from the body; for right-handers, it would be from left to right. You will notice that the ball would slightly move to the right after hitting the greens. You should know that fade is a more controlled shot than slice one. It is an accurate one to put you near the putting hole.

Fade shots are some of the most difficult shots in Golf. This is because they are played from a long distance, often from several yards or more. To achieve this objective, the player must hit a perfect shot with great accuracy and contact.

A fade shot is executed by giving the ball an initial left to right movement before leaving it on its right side, where it has a smooth and continuous movement that finishes on the green. This helps prevent backspin and prevents any hooking effect after impact. Of course, the club must also be lined up perfectly on impact.

What Is A Draw Shot In Golf?

Draw Shot In Golf

You must know the fundamentals and more complex shots to improve your golf game. For example, a draw shot is one of the more difficult shots in Golf. A draw shot in Golf refers to a ball being hit with a slicing top spin, causing the ball to travel from right to left or towards the inward of the body; this type of shot is normally used when the player wants to hit directly at the pin or when they want their ball to travel longer distances. When taking a draw shot in Golf, it’s important that you know exactly how to do it correctly or else your ball will stray left of the target pin.

Difference Between A Fade And Draw Shot In Golf

Difference Between A Fade And Draw Shot In Golf

If you’re a novice golfer, you don’t even know the difference between a fade and a draw shot. But if your goal is to become an intermediate or advanced player, it’s important to have an understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of each.

So what is the difference between a fade and draw shot in Golf? A fade shot tends to go right when hit, whereas a draw shot will aim to go left. A player can use these shots for different purposes. A player can also use these shots to gain distance in the air by using either the fade or drawing into the green.

A draw is hitting the ball as close to your target as possible. The goal is to get it as close to the pin as possible and then hit it on the correct line. The only way to do that is to pick the perfect club and do some practice first. A fade shot is similar in theory to drawing but uses a different approach. For example, if you want to fade the ball onto your target, there are multiple ways to achieve this.

Having the correct club is a start, but you must adjust your swing accordingly. The key here is making sure the ball doesn’t go far past your target. If you are looking for a bit more distance from your fade shot, use a driver or long iron instead of long irons or wedges.

When Do You Use Fade Or Draw Shots In Golf?

Fade shots are played with a club that is lifted over the ball so that it takes a circular upper and lower path as it travels across the ball. Fade shots are typically played with wedges and putters. Draw shots are played with a club at full speed, following an arc going right-to-left across the ball. Draw shots that fly further than fade balls but have less control over direction and distance.

A draw shot typically has a greater chance of landing out-of-bounds than a fade shot landing in bounds on its side of the green. This is because most modern golf clubs have multiple faces that can be used to hit the ball. Therefore, to hit a fade or draw shot, the player must select a face with enough loft for that shot.

On long fairway shots, the player can play a draw shot to move the ball right-to-left if the player is too far from the target or a fade shot to move it left-to-right if he is too far left of his target. When facing a long par or playing near obstacles or other players that make it difficult to place the ball on the green, a fade or draw shot could get the ball closer and still be in bounds.

Which One Is Better?

You can choose which one is better among fade or draw shots as they are necessary to learn if you want to become a good golfer. A pro golfer knows which shot to hit at the right time, so selecting the right shot in the right situation is necessary for golfers. Also, both fade and draw shots each have their benefits.

Benefits of fade shot

  • Fade shot secure the higher flight for your ball
  • It has a steeper angle of descent
  • It is easier to control
  • Increases backspin
  • It is used to hit precise shots

Benefits of draw shots

  • It allows good outside in-swing motion
  • It helps to cut down the wind
  • It is also accurate and easier to learn

Thus, to become a pro golfer, you should spend more time perfecting the common shots used in Golf. You should also analyze the situation and hit the shot accordingly to take the edge over your opponents.


• Which shot covers more distance?

The draw shot is said to cover more distance and travels around five to ten yards more than a fade one.

• How to hit a good fade?

To hit a fade powerfully, you must have an open clubface and stance to make it travel at a good distance.

• Players that had perfect fade shot

Elite players such as Dusting Johnson, Rory Mcllroy, and Jack Nicklaus used to hit a perfect fade, making it look simple even though it is hard to control a fade shot.

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