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5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid: Which One Should You Carry?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions of amateurs or beginners golfers. However, both 3-hybrid and 5-wood clubs have their advantages and disadvantages; thus, it can be confusing for beginners to decide which to carry. 

You should know that both the clubs are used for hitting long and straight shots, and if you are looking to hit long shots correctly, then you should know the benefits of the clubs you are carrying. Thus today, you are going to learn all about both these clubs, and at the end, you will get to know which would be better for you if you just started playing golf.

Intro To Hybrid And Wood Golf Clubs

There are various kinds of golf clubs used by professional golfers to hit a variety of shots. But it is seen that an amateur or beginners use the hybrid golf club more than the 5-wood club. The main problem in golf that every amateur or beginners experiences is accuracy. Thus, a hybrid club allows the player to hit the ball with consistent accuracy, and it is much easier to use than a 5-wood one.

But as you become familiar with golf and reach the intermediate level, you can start using the 5-wood one because of the long shafts. Then, finally, at a pro level, it is the individual choice of the golfers to choose the clubs to play the shots.

5-Wood Vs. 3-Hybrids; Differences

There are a lot of differences between the 5-wood and 3-hybrid golf clubs in terms of the length of the shaft, clubheads to loft. Thus to give you a better idea of which club will be better for you, here are some distinct features or differences between the clubs.

• Shaft’s length

Shaft’s length

The shaft length of a 5-wood is two inches more than the 3-hybrid golf clubs. The average length of a 5-wood club is about 42.5-inches, whereas the hybrid is about 39 inches in length. The shaft length brings a lot of advantages and disadvantages to the golfers, such as rapid ball speed, additional spin, steep shot stopping angle, etc.

The 5-wood has a longer shaft, which means high ball speed, producing a higher ball launch for maximum distance. On the other hand, the 3-hybrid club produces low ball flight and carries less distance than the 5-wood one.

The shaft’s length is one of the important factors as it also affects the golfer’s stance. It is easier to hit the ball with accuracy with a hybrid club as a wood club requires more focus and proper stance and swing to hit the ball perfectly to the maximum distance.

• Clubheads


The club head is the part of the golf club used to strike the ball. So a 5-wood clubhead comes with increased offset, whereas the 3-hybrid has a wide and deep face. The increased offset of the golf club allows the golfer to hit straight shots with accuracy, whereas the hybrid clubhead allows minimizing the sidespin.

• Lofts

It was seen that the loft height of the hybrid clubs was higher than those of the wood clubs. For example, the average height of the loft of the 5-wood golf club is about 18 degrees, whereas, for the 3-hybrids, it is around 19 degrees. 

• Forgiveness

The hybrid golf club is equipped with better technology to optimize forgiveness. This is because the clubheads of the hybrid clubs are a little heavier than the wood ones, allowing them to increase the MOI, which in turn helps to optimize the forgiveness.

Benefits Of Using A 5-Wood Golf Club

It is typically used for the long and middle distances of the golf course. The benefits of using a 5-wood are that more shots can be made with it due to its versatility compared to an iron club, such as pitching out of bounds or hitting over water hazards when they appear on the course. In addition, it is a club used by players at all skill levels and is a relatively safe club to use whether or not the player has limited distance or accuracy. Here are some reasons to choose the 5-wood golf club :

1. Easier to hit off the tee

Hitting the ball off the tee can seem easy, but it is not as often can make or break an individual’s game of golf game. So that is why when it comes to hitting the ball off the tee, most player uses the 5-wood golf club.

2. Helps to achieve longer distance

As you know, the 5-wood clubs have a longer shaft length than the hybrid club, which means that it will give you an advantage in hitting the longer distances shots. In addition, the club’s size and mass help deliver more momentum, which results in more distance.

Benefits Of Using A 3-Hybrid Golf Club

It is one of the better clubs for beginners and is called a rescue club because it helps the individual come out of trouble time and again. It has lots of benefits for the golf player that are listed below:

• It provides more forgiveness

As you know, a 3-hybrid golf club comes with a shorter shaft than wood; hence, it is very forgiving and easy to hit with a hybrid club. It is used when a player wants to hit a short-distance shot accurately. It is famous among beginners because of its versatility.

• Promotes the drawn shape

Hitting a perfect draw shot is much more difficult, but it is more accessible with the help of 3-hybrid golf clubs. The draw or the slice shots are the most commonly used shots in golf, and with 3-hybrid golf clubs, it becomes easy to hit all these shots with improved accuracy.

Which One Should You Carry?

It is an individual choice to decide which golf club he is more comfortable with, but if you are a beginner, then it is advised to use 3-hybrid golf clubs. The 3-hybrid golf club makes it easy for beginners to make short and long shots with accuracy and is also very versatile. Thus 3-hybrid golf club is a good option to go for.


• What do you mean by forgiveness?

Forgiveness is said to be the golf club’s ability to deliver average distance and direction on the shot that is struck poorly by the individual. Thus more forgiving means it will be much easier for beginners.

• What is a tee?

A golf tee is a stand that provides elevation to the ball to make it hit nicely over the greens.

• What do you mean by MOI?

MOI here means the moment of inertia, which refers to the resistance the clubs have to go through.

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