Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

If you think Golf equipment is cheap, then you are all wrong! But when Kirkland Golf Ball come out, almost all the golfer loved it because of the budget. It has high-quality balls which work for a long time and offer excellent performance.

For many serious golfers who value performance quality, Kirkland golf balls are a well-liked and cheap option. Kirkland golf balls are the go-to choice for recreational golfers looking to improve their game because of their outstanding design, great feel, and predictable flight path. But who manufactures these renowned pieces of athletic gear?

In this review, you will get to learn about who makes Kirkland Golf balls and a lot more things. Along with that, you will also be able to look at the material which has been used in the construction and the different models which are available on the market. So, let’s discuss it!

Kirkland Golf Balls History

Costco sells high-quality balls called Kirkland’s. Golfers quickly became aware of the business after discovering Kirkland’s balls and appreciating their excellent quality and low price. Because of its durability and performance, Kirkland golf balls have been the ball of choice for many seasoned pros over the years.

Kirkland golf balls were created in response to the growing demand for high-quality, reasonably priced golf balls. Costco understood that some golfers desired a dependable golf ball without breaking the bank, while other brands aim to produce premium balls with high spin rates and maximum distance.

They debuted their first Kirkland Signature golf ball in 2016, and it instantly gained popularity among amateur golfers seeking a more affordable option.

Since then, the company has continued to develop its technology, releasing new versions throughout time with better structure and materials. The Kirkland Signature Tour Performance model, created for more seasoned players who desired a softer feel and improved control, was debuted in 2019.

Material Used in Construction

Several materials, including urethane, rubber, and synthetic resin, are used to make Kirkland golf balls. For golfers who desire to perform at their peak, urethane is a soft material that offers exceptional spin control and a gentle sensation while striking the ball.

The core of Kirkland golf balls is made of rubber. It is a sturdy substance that aids in delivering distance and precision off the tee. The synthetic resin used to make the outer cover increases longevity and aids in the ball’s ability to maintain its trajectory.

Kirkland Golf Balls Manufacturer

Independent contractors manufacture the majority of Kirkland products. Kirkland Golf balls are produced by Qingdao SM Parker, a sizable Chinese corporation.

 Many bloggers, however, are spreading the myth that Costco produces Kirkland golf balls on its own.

 In reality, Qingdao is a major force in the sports equipment manufacturing sector. Their top-selling item is Kirkland golf balls, and they specialize in golf equipment.

Kirkland Performance+

The three-piece type of Kirkland’s golf ball is by far its most popular. It is formally known as Kirkland Performance+.

Pricing is considerably less than those of competing brands.

In keeping with Costco’s low prices, a 24-pack of these golf balls only costs $24.99. The price for golf balls with urethane covering is quite astounding.It is a low-launch, high-spin golf ball with 338 dimples. The design is generally dependable and goes well with a selection of high-end golf balls from producers including Titleist Velocity, Callaway Warbird, and Volvik Vivid.

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Design of the Kirkland Signature golf ball

The golf ball has a 338-dimple, injected urethane cover and is constructed of three pieces. It is frequently likened to the Titleist Pro VI, Mizuno RB Tour, and Volvik S4 in terms of design. It might be worthwhile to give them a try if you’ve been debating whether to.

Models Available

Currently, Kirkland offers a variety of golf ball models, each created to satisfy the requirements of a particular kind of golfer. For experienced players who desire a well-balanced combination of distance and control off the tee, the Kirkland Signature Tour Performance is perfect.

The Kirkland Signature Distance Model is ideal for golfers who require further assistance with their swing speed, while the Kirkland Performance+ is ideal for those seeking the greatest distance and accuracy.

In addition to these models, Kirkland also provides several two-piece models, which have a more robust design and are ideal for amateur players seeking a budget-friendly choice.

Who manufactures Kirkland golf balls?

Qingdao SM Parker, a Chinese manufacturer that creates top-notch sporting goods, makes Kirkland golf balls.


What Other Golf Ball Is Like Kirkland?

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is most frequently compared to Kirkland golf balls among the major golf ball manufacturers. Despite having many similar design elements, they behave differently in certain ways. Although Kirkland golf balls may be suitable for some players, they have not yet met the performance requirements specified by Titleist.

Do Kirkland golf balls resemble Pro V1 balls?

The Kirkland Signature Tour Performance golf ball is meant to perform similarly to the Pro V1, with comparable off-the-tee distance and accuracy. The Kirkland ball, however, is more reasonably priced and feels softer than Pro V1.

Do Costco Stores Offer Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are sold at Costco. Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and full sets are all available. It’s advisable to check for availability in-person or online at Costco because the selection of clubs is subject to frequent modification.

How Good Are Kirkland Golf Balls?

Both novice and seasoned golfers alike give Kirkland golf balls high marks for their excellent blend of quality and value. The models that are offered offer great performance both off the tee and on the green, all for a reasonable price.

Do Kirkland golf balls come in separate packages?

On the Costco website, Kirkland golf balls come in bundles of 12 or 24.


For golfers who wish to improve their performance without compromising on value or quality, Kirkland golf balls are a terrific option. There is a Kirkland ball for every level of play thanks to the different versions that are offered.

Kirkland offers a model to meet your demands, whether you are a novice who wants more assistance or an expert who values distance and control. Get some Kirkland golf balls today, and start having fun playing. You won’t be let down!

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