What is a Mid-Handicapper?

Approximately 43% of golfers fall into this average handicap category, so if you are one of them, you are not alone. The mid handicappers have a good sense of timing when it comes to chipping, putting and birding, and also paring. But there are still many handicappers who have trouble hitting long straight shorts if they use iron, which is not suitable for their handicap.

After the interest in golf has increased in people, they want to join in the competitive spirit, but they do not know how. This is the main reason why they end up with a low handicap. Moreover, many mid-handicappers have difficulties learning new techniques. Here in this guide, we will help you know all about mid-handicappers. So let’s get started with this interesting information now, but first of all, let’s discuss golf handicap.

Golf Handicap-What Is It?

The golf handicap is measured as a player’s overall ability. This system was officially developed by the United States Golf Association to create a level in the field of players. This system may be confusing and complex for many players in the USGA. However, one just has to remember the number of the handicapped score if they want to play in both matches and tournaments. Here is the system for calculating one’s handicap:-

  • It does not matter how many players you are playing with. The only thing that matters is the number of holes played.
  • For the players to get their correct handicap, the golf course should be set at what is decided by Golf Association. This can be decided by using a standard course setting of 74 holes.
  • The handicap scores are different in the male and female divisions. For example, the score begins from scratch in men, and in females, it is 2.4.
  • Everything that is said above is based on the United States Golf Association. If you plan to play at a golf course outside of the US, then you must know how exactly they calculate their handicap.
  • A handicap can be given to people who are very good players. If they have been playing a lot of golf, they will also need to have a high handicap score.

So now that you know what Golf Handicap is? Let’s see what mid-handicap is.

Mid-Handicapper- An Overview

You might be a little confused now, but don’t worry; it will all make sense in this article. There is no official level description; however, a mid handicapper is someone who plays with a handicap that is between 11 and 20.

Accordingly, you may typically shoot in the 80s and reach 90 in every other round. Your driving, putting, and chipping are generally in the low 80s or mid-80s. And your long game starts slow and then builds up to around the low 90s. So you don’t need to worry about being a mid-handicapper because you will have a place in golf if you can get your game up to par.

3 Categories Of Mid-Handicap

Let’s get started by dividing the mid-handicap category into three categories. This can help you know what kind of golf player you are. So let’s start by discussing them.

1. Lower Mid Handicap:

Lower mid-handicap golfers typically shoot in the low 80s, but on a good day, they can break into the 70s when playing off a score of 10 to 12.

2. Mid Mid-Handicap:

In this segment, players regularly score in the mid to high 80s. If you can play with 13 to 16, then you are categorized in this community.

3.  Higher Mid-Handicap:

These golfers have advanced from the novice levels and are improving their consistency. This is the place to be if you play between a 16 and an 18. Golfers with higher mid handicap scores average in the upper 80s to mid-90s.

Equipment Used By Mid-Handicap Player!

Now that you know what you are, it is time to know what equipment you should use. Most of the time, mid-handicap golfers use clubs that are slightly shorter and looser than those used by low handicappers. So here are some of the equipment, which is as follows:


As a lower handicap player, you will definitely use a driver. But it is still not an accurate choice to use a driver. It has the tendency to fly far and high but has poor accuracy. So it is difficult for a lower handicap player to get his drives properly on the green.


The low handicap players are more likely to have an iron which is a little longer than the mid handicap players. This is because the long irons make it so tough for these golfers to get their drives on the fairway. But they will have an easier time with their chipping and putting game due to this equipment.

• Wedges:

Wedges are easier to work with for a lower handicap player. But it is a little tough for mid-handicap players to hit these well. It is difficult for them to get their wedge shots on the green from these. However, they are good enough to produce shots from the fairway and rough, where they are more


They will use something between a standard ball and a high handicap ball as it is slightly easier to play from. The only problem that they can face is the ball going from a bad lie to the fairway. But overall, it is a good ball for them.


So now that you know about mid handicappers and their equipment, it’s time for you to have your best game. You need to remember that if you have a low handicap, it doesn’t mean you are better than others. But if you have a high handicap, it doesn’t mean you are not fit to play golf.

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