What Is A Lie Angle In Golf

What Is A Lie Angle In Golf?

If you are a professional golfer, you know the rules and other essential details of playing golf. But many newbies do not know about golf’s rules and regulations. They need some training and explanation before they start, or do they need to know; what a lie angle in golf is? How to make a right lie angle? Or what are the effects of the shots with this angle? So this guide will help you to know about every detail of the lie angle and all about it. So let’s dive into it now:

Lie Angle-An Overview!

The term lie angle refers to the angle in which the shaft of your club rests at the address. The lie angle is measured from your stance line, a straight line that runs perpendicularly from your back foot through the ball towards your head and comes out between your two feet at about shoulder-width apart. The lie angle, commonly known as the stance, is an essential part of golf. It is one of the most critical elements of your golf swing.

You should keep it constant throughout your swing. This will give you increased power in hitting your shots. Every golf swing has unique characteristics, so each person has unique alignment in his stance and should maintain it throughout the swing. But it is essential to maintain the same level while hitting a shot. It will not finish as you expect if you have a wrong lie angle while hitting the shot. Unfortunately, most golfers get confused in this regard and do not know what the right lie angle is.

How Does Lie Angle Work?

One can make a perfect shot if they make an ideal lie angle. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper lie angle. Well, a lie angle is one of the most underrated parts of the golf swing. It does not have any importance, but we must not forget that it has the most significant role in your swing. The lie angle of your clubs will determine how far the ball goes and where it goes, so you need to ensure that you have a proper lie angle while hitting your shots.

If you have an improper lie angle, then you will not be getting the exact results, and you will get some weird results, so it is better to make sure that your lie angle must be proper, as this can affect your game. Using your divot method, it is very easy to make a right lie angle. It helps to make a perfect lie angle, and you can easily set it up yourself. But you will want to make a left lie angle if you play golf on the opposite side of the course.

How To Make A Right Lie Angle?

If you want to make a perfect lie angle, you can do this using your divot method. The divot method helps to keep the lie angle constant throughout your swing by keeping the club face firmly and square to the center of your stance. It is easy but not always necessary for a perfect lie angle, so be careful about it.

You can make this method stand out by observing the condition of your shot. You can make a proper lie angle while hitting the ball with the proper stance. You can do it alone without help from others, so you just need to know how to do it.

You must lie your clubs down on a flat surface like the ground or tee box. Your clubs’ lie angle will equal that of the surface where you place your clubs for a perfect lie angle. You can make a proper lie angle by using your divot method.

If you place your divot angle right then, it will help you to make a perfect lie angle on your ball. You need not worry about the lie angle as you can make it properly. If you are using the divot method and observing the lie angle of your clubs.

You may also need to bend down and look at it from the side, so you can tell whether or not they are angled properly. You will want to ensure that your clubs are paralleled-aligned and parallel with the ground to get a perfect lie angle. But you should ensure that your lie angle is perpendicular to the ground.

Importance Of Making Lie Angle!

There are many benefits of having a proper lie angle; here are the five benefits of making a right lie angle:

  1. The most important reason you need to have a proper lie angle is that it helps you make a straight shot. The ball will roll straight when you have the proper lie angle while hitting.
  2. Having the right lie angle while hitting the shots is very helpful and helps you with increased power on your shots.
  3. Another advantage of having the right lie angle is that it helps you to increase your accuracy on the course.
  4. You will get an increased distance on your shots, and you can get a lot of distance on the shots you do not want.
  5. Last but not least, it is also very important to make a right lie angle which helps you to have more control while hitting the shot.

If you have an improper lie angle then you will not get the exact results, and your shots will be different from what you want. Therefore, ensure you have the proper lie angle before hitting your shots.


Do not forget that a lie angle is one of the essential parts of your golf swing. It is very crucial as it has a significant role in your swing. The more perfect your lie angle is, the more perfect you will be your shot, and you will get better results on hitting the shots. As we have already told you how to make a proper lie angle, it can easily be considered one of the most important parts of your game. So ensure you have an appropriate angle of lie while hitting the golf shots.

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