Nike Mojo golf balls review

Nike Mojo golf balls review: Bringing Quality With Economy

Losing a golf ball in the water bunkers can be frustrating as it does not just affect your score, it also affects your wallet.

Because golf balls are pricey, which adds up to the already expensive game that is golf. So, if you are nervous when taking a shot around the bunkers, who can blame you?

Don’t be too worried, though. Because I’m here today with a comprehensive review of the Nike Mojo golf balls.

Whether you are a beginner or a mid to high-handicap golfer, these balls are sure to be a good addition to your bag for their exceptionally low price tag and the high quality they offer for that price.

Let’s get on with the review of the Nike Mojo golf balls with a detailed discussion over their design, features, performance, and value, to help you make a learned decision on choosing these balls and what you can expect when using these balls on the course.

Why You Might Need Cheaper Golf Balls

Golf is an expensive sport. Like any other sport, you need a lot of practice to get better in it. This makes it even more expensive for people that are just starting out or trying to get better at the game.

If you happen to be one of those people, then you know the ominous feeling you get around water bunkers. Once that pricey golf ball falls in it, it’s gone forever.

Also, if you try to cut the cost by using cheaper balls when there’s a chance of losing it, you might find the outcomes below your level of expectations. Because cheaper golf balls tend to be not so good. look at the most expensive golf balls

This is where the Nike Mojo golf balls come to your rescue. These balls are so cheap, that you can practice with them without worrying about breaking your bank.

And, they are good enough in their performance. So, if you’re using one to cross the water bunker before you use a better ball in the next shot, you’re not giving up much in terms of shot quality.

The Features

The Nike Mojo golf balls have a two layer design. A soft outer layer with 314 dimples to improve aerodynamics, and a hard Polymeric core to provide power.

The Solid Core

The Nike Mojo golf balls are designed with a solid polymeric core that is specifically engineered to provide a powerful feel on the clubface. This core helps in reducing spin on the ball, which in turn results in longer drives and more distance off the tee.

Golfers will find that the compression core of the Nike Mojo golf balls allows for better ball speed on their shots, making them an ideal choice for golfers who are looking for a ball that delivers both distance and control.

Unique Dimple Pattern

In addition to the solid core, the Nike Mojo golf balls also feature a unique dimple design. The dimple pattern on these balls is designed to reduce drag and improve lift, which helps the ball stay in the air for a longer duration, resulting in the increased distance on shots.

The dimple design also helps to improve the ball’s stability in wind, making it an ideal choice for golfers who often play in windy conditions.

The unique dimple design on the Nike Mojo golf balls is also known to produce a consistent and stable ball flight, which is critical for golfers looking for a ball that delivers optimal performance on the course.

Soft Ionomer Coating

The soft outer layer of these balls are there to help players in their short game. When playing a chip shot or putt, a softer ball is what good golfers look for.

When you’re hitting it on the green, these balls provide a soft feel that helps with better control over the trajectory. So that you can roll it comfortably forward.


The Nike Mojo golf balls are standard white, like most other golf balls, which makes it more visible, and tracking it among the solid green of the course much easier.

The black MOJO logo helps you identify your ball among others’ and there’s a black arrow drawn over the ball, which helps you align your shots on or around the green very easily.


So, how do these balls perform?

The Nike Mojo golf balls can exceed the expectations of anyone who knows or plays golf. Despite the dirt-cheap price tag, they perform relatively well on the course with good control, distance, and playability.

Many golfers have praised the Nike Mojo golf balls for their exceptional performance on the course.

These golf balls provide a great balance of distance and control, making them a great option for both long and short shots.

The soft compression core also helps to provide a soft feel on the clubface, which can make it easier to control the ball and achieve better accuracy.

Also, the Nike Mojo golf balls feature a unique dimple design that produces a consistent and stable ball flight, which is important for golfers seeking to cover the maximum distance possible.

The Nike Mojo golf balls may not perform as well for golfers with fast swing speeds because of the softer outer layer. And they may not generate enough spin to achieve the desired distance and control.


  • Really cheap
  • Soft feel off the club face
  • Solid feel with drivers
  • Good sound and feel on impact.
  • Good distance and control


  • Not ideal for fast swingers
  • The soft outer layer gets scuffed easily
  • Not very resistant to wear and tear.

My Final Verdict on the Nike Mojo Golf Balls

The Nike Mojo golf balls are designed to cater to the needs of golfers of all skill levels. Coming at an incredibly affordable price point, these balls exceeded my expectations.

Whether I hit them long or short around the green, I was never disappointed. They provide a soft feel on short shots and maintain good distance on longer shots with a good amount of carry and spin.

They might not be the top performers that you will think of using in your competitive games. But they will let you practice without worry. You can hit a couple of these balls into the trees or under water and stay unfazed.

Overall, the Nike Mojo golf balls are a great option for golfers looking for a well-performing ball at an affordable price point that will help them get better. You can find these balls here.

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