Best driver shaft for high swing speed

Best Driver Shafts

Every golfer should know the truth about driver shafts because shafts are often misunderstood and neglected. Having the right shafts can do many wonders as it is the most important part that contributes to the overall performance. Whether it is most forgiving drivers or a pro golf club, you should know that the best golf clubs are made with the best driver shafts. Shafts make them suitable and forgiving for golfers with high swing speed. So, without further ado, let us discuss the top Best driver shaft for high swing speed of 2022.

The following are the 10 best driver shafts for high swing speed of 2022

  1. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft
  2. Matrix New Radix-S IV Flex Driver Shaft
  3. UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf Shaft
  4. Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft
  5. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black
  6. Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX Wood Shaft
  7. Accra New Tour Z 85 Counter Balanced Driver Shaft
  8. Aldila New 2019 NXT NV Graphite Shaft
  9. Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 Driver Shaft
  10. Accuflex Pro Long Drive ReMAX LD Nano Golf Shaft

#1: Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft

If you are using TaylorMade drivers, then this vista prop shaft by Fujikura would be a great companion for it. Once you combine these two, you will experience a major difference in the performance.

Golf Club Flex: Regular
Material: Graphite
Brand: Fujikura
Shaft Material: Graphite


  • It features a unique cage structure.
  • It provides an incredible feel like using a heavy shaft.
  • It is made from premium quality material.


  • It helps in boosting your swing speed.
  • It encourages a consistent launch angle.
  • The lightweight cage structure provides a great feel.


  • It is only compatible with old TaylorMade drivers.

#2: Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft

This driver shaft by matric new radix is rigid in delivering that most golfers desire an excellent feel and distance on a consistent basis.

Matrix White Tie 50X5 Shaft
Installed with Tour Velvet 360 grip
Choose your flex and driver adapter
Customized specs available on request!


  • It features a special HD structure to deliver more distance.
  • The best part is it is available in different flexes to match your swing speed.
  • It is a tough shaft to ensure consistent performance.


  • It is ideal for fairway woods and drivers.
  • It offers a high launch to ensure a soft landing.
  • Players could feel a solid impact.


  • It is not suitable for low handicap golfers.

#3: UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf Shaft

The proforce V2 golf shaft by UST is incredible for beginners and high handicappers. However, you should know that it is specially designed to promote higher trajectories.


Golf Club Flex F4 (Stiff)
Material 50g High Launch
Brand Ust
Shaft Material 50 Gram High Launch


  • It is integrated with proforce tip and recoil technology.
  • The structure helps in boosting distance and velocity.
  • The latter ensures stable ball flight.


  • It offers better control over aggressive and smooth tempos.
  • It is highly affordable.


  • You might need the stiffest shaft.

#4: Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

The true temper shaft offers an excellent deal for amateur golfers. It is specially designed to improve performance and provide a better feel during the impact.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 16, 2017
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ True Temper
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0751H86GQ


  • It is made from solid steel.
  • It delivers a low ball flight using a balanced construction.
  • It is ideal for experienced golfers.


  • You can easily customize it with some adjustments.
  • It offers strong flexibility for optimal compression.


  • Covers less distance as compared to the graphite one.

#5: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black

The HZRDUS smoke black has outperformed its predecessor. The company has used high-quality flex to deliver smoother, noticeable release and load. It is one of the Best driver shaft for high swing speed.



Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black


  • It features a lightweight graphite shaft.
  • It helps in boosting the distance and speed.
  • It has the sleekest design.


  • It is great for high swing golfers.
  • The company has used a golf pride grip.


  • It is pretty expensive.

#6: Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX Wood Shaft

This shaft is suitable for those golfers who are looking for a lower ball flight. The company has used advanced materials for constructing this shaft.



  • It has a multi-material structure to improve the feel.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of golfers.


  • The company has used performance-oriented material.
  • A good choice for fairway woods and drivers.


  • Low ball flight is not suitable for all players.

Steadfast Carbon Fiber Driver Shaft Driver Shaft

The counter-balanced driver shaft by Accra is among the Best driver shaft for high swing speed as it offers low spin.

Carbon Fiber Golf Shaft with Standard 45.5″ Play Length
4 Flex Choices
Tour 360 Grip
Adapter Included
Installed Professional Club Fitting Team


  • The company has engineered the technology to provide distance and stability.
  • The lightweight graphite material is suitable for every golfer.
  • It has a premium grip for a better feel.


  • It offers incredible distance and stability.
  • It has a sleek black silver finish.


  • You might have to balance the shaft through some adjustments.

#8: Aldila New 2019 NXT NV Graphite Shaft

Aldila has been providing great value in its products, and this NXT NV shaft is no exception. In addition, the company has used premium graphite material to ensure solid control.

Aldila NV NXT 65 Shaft with Aftermarket Callaway Adapter, installed with Tour Velvet Men’s Standard Grip
Fits: Epic Flash, Rogue, Epic, XR16, 2016, 2015, 2014 Big Bertha Driver
This Shaft Attached with a Club Head is About 45.5″ in Playing length
Can choose the Tour Wrap 2G or Winn Dri-Tac Grip for installation


  • It is suitable for every golfer out there with a slow swing.
  • It helps in boosting the distance and speed.


  • It has a moderate weight to ensure greater speed.
  • It provides plenty of space for adjustability.


  • Low ball angle won’t be suitable for everyone.

#9: Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 Driver Shaft

Another great shaft for golfers with high swing speed allows you to hit a longer trajectory. In addition, the bend profile helps in transferring the swing energy more efficiently.

Golf Club Flex 6.0
Material Graphite
Brand Project X
Shaft Material Graphite
Item Weight 1.35 Pounds


  • It delivers a mid-spin, mid-launch shaft suitable for fairway woods and drivers.
  • It will provide you with an incredible response during the impact.
  • It has a sharp appearance and suitable length.


  • It works great with a wide range of drivers.
  • The bend profile ensures maximum impact.


  • Golfers with a slow swing speed might not get any benefit from this shaft.

#10: Accuflex Pro Long Drive ReMAX LD Nano Golf Shaft

If you are looking to improve your trajectory distance, then you should not go any further than this product. This ReMax LD nano golf shaft by accuflex pro can assist in boosting the distance upto 30 yards. It is one of the longest golf shafts from the products mentioned above.

  • Winner of the World Long Drive Competition – Longest Shaft in Golf – Gain 30 YARDS!
  • One of the lightest shafts in Long Drive, with Unbelievable Kick!
  • Great Feel, Super Long Distance, the AccuFLEX Pro LD does it all — Just make an easy swing, and let the shaft do all of the work!
  • Compare to Long Drive Shafts that sell for $199.00 and up! Our AccuFLEX Pro LD will outperform them.
  • 48″ to 50″ Longer Drivers are becoming increasingly popular with golfers.


  • The company has used the lightest material, allowing you to improve your swing speed.
  • It delivers high-performance to improve the distance.
  • It is compatible with almost every drivers’ head.


  • The lightest and longest shaft for increasing distance.
  • It features a high kick point.


  • It is required to be cut down to 48 inches to use legally in competitions.

These are the top Best driver shaft for high swing speed that you can buy in 2021 and improve your game.

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