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Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

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Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

After buying a regular pushcart, you might want to go further and invest in an even bigger golf cart. A bigger, better, stronger will hold your things together in a place as well as you will have enough additional space for your other belongings. Paying a few extra means you get something irreplaceable and comfortable for years to come. Bag boy quad xl golf cart is a complete game changer and one that fits with your game for life! Golf commands a lot of patience and hard work, keeping this in mind you would not like added distractions when you are on the course. Having different people help you carry your materials can be another hassle and ruin your things as well as private items. This content is about giving you the best analytical points of bag boy quad xl golf cart, which is going to surpass all your needs.





Key Features:

  • Only 24 inches and can be folded very easily, in a compact size.
  • Comes with four wheels for better stability and holding heavier bags, the best bag boy quad xl golf cart you can get with your money.
  • Weighs 14.2 in pounds, a very lightweight pushcart!
  • Has a parking brake, for it to be less mobile when in a still position.
  • Lots of adjustable features are included like tracking.
  • Comes with multiple storages like for an umbrella and water bottle.
  • Has a t-shirt and ball holder.
  • Comes with an extra-large accessories bag for all your important materials.
  • Attachment of bag to cart system is available.
  • It’s a tool-free equipment, you don’t have to add or remove anything.

Bag boy quad xl push cart comes with adjustable handle support. They have 9.5 inches wheels in the front and 11.5 inches wheels at back for superior stability and balance. The storages are unbelievable, not only can you fill it with regular golf equipment, you can store your mobile phone, water bottle, umbrella, scorecard, anything and everything you need in one place!

Bag boy is a renowned sports company that has been consistently creating innovative sports items that you can’t find second best next to it. Golf bags come in different shapes and sizes, buying a bag boy quad xl push cart would ensure it can hold any weight very easily without breaking the wheels. You can adjust the height according to your comfort while moving it.

They come in a total of nine different shades of colors, especially great for beginners or teenagers who love a vibrant and stylish look in their belongings. It’s also a great purchase for juniors as well, as the height can be adjusted and moved around without fatigue taking over young people. The strong brake is positioned on the left side of the main handle so that you can reach it easily and comfortably. Bag boy quad xl push cart is an ultimate game changer, whether for beginners, juniors, or even seniors.

You can basically park it anywhere you go, they are only 8 kg in weight. The wheel design is so modern yet built for rough usage, not to forget, they don’t need additional maintenance. The four wheels of bag boy quad xl push cart will ensure your things or the cart don’t trip over. When you fold the item, it is decreased to a size of 24*27*16 inches in total. It’s even more convenient than a quad junior push cart for the added benefits. Furthermore, it has no added gear attached to it, nor do the wheels need any added inflation, they are perfect just as they are!

Pros and Cons

The pros include a bunch of variety:

  • The position of the phone handle is aligned with your front face so you can watch from the screen while you push the cart.
  • The storage pockets are well-sealed after you put your things, a better provider for security, bag boy quad xl push cart is made with advanced technology.
  • Comes in multiple colors, you can choose according to your preference.
  • Less friction in the wheels, which means it won’t get raggedy or old sooner.
  • Folds very easily, though the folded compact size is relatively large than other push carts, you can be sure they come with so many plus points, taking a little space sounds okay.
  • Beautiful and stylish with the newest features and material.
  • The material is made of top-notch quality.

The cons include:

  • As it comes with increased gravity in the middle, it can be hard to shove it around in hills or mountainous areas.
  • The brake works most efficiently when it’s in a still motion only.
  • The placeholders for balls are a little big than required.
  • Coming with its’ own umbrella would have been even better and convenient.
  • A little pricier than other pushcarts, after all, bag boy quad xl push cart is way more spacious than most carts.




Final Verdict

Bag boy carts have been very easy to fold and unfold. They make quality stuff that will last you a lifetime. With multiple storage options and adjustable features, you can be sure this will come so handily you won’t have second thoughts before buying.

Bag boy quad xl golf cart has such strong wheels to hold heavy bags in balance. Furthermore, it’s tall enough for you to move it around swiftly without slouching or getting tired. Other than being a little bulky, they come with so many useful tactics, truly one of the best out there.

As you have stayed with us throughout this article, reading every small detail about this amazing product, you will come to terms on deciding if bag boy quad xl golf cart is worth your money and time! With extra-large storage, brakes, adjustable handle, wheels, you can rest assured it’s a top-notch cart for all beginners as well as juniors.

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