How to Jack Up a Golf Cart

5 Simple Steps: How to Jack Up a Golf Cart?

Is your tire damaged or flat? If it is, then you require to replace it.

However, if you go to some repair shop, then that might cost you a lot. But you will be happy to know that you can save a few hundred dollars by learning to repair the golf cart, as it is a straightforward process.

In this review, you will learn about some steps to Jack Up a Golf Cart. You will also come across some of the safety steps that one should remember while repairing it. So, let’s move on!

Safety Steps One Needs to Consider

Even though jacking up the cart is generally simple and secure, there are certain drawbacks. Therefore, you must adhere to all safety procedures to prevent severe injury.

You should be aware of some basic safety considerations to keep yourself safe while working before diving into how to jack up the golf cart.

1.      Instead of using lawns or slanted areas, jack up the golf cart on solid ground.

2.      Avoid working on your cart by yourself; have a helper close by in case you need it.

3.      To stop the cart from rolling, use chocks.

4.      Lift & lower your cart gradually to avoid having it topple over.

5.      To be sure they can support the weight of your cart, always check the weight restrictions on your jack & jack stand.

Steps to Jack Up a Golf Cart

Jack Up a Golf Cart

1.     Gather Your Material

Before you jack up the golf cart, you must gather all the essential tools to carry the task safely and efficiently. Some of the necessary tools which you require to jack up the golf cart are-

·        Jack

·        Jack Stands

·        Chocks

·        Cinderblocks

·        Compact Ground

If you want to jack up a golf cart, choosing the proper jack is essential. Though the suitable jack may cost you a little bit more, it also provides impressive stability and can lift the golf carts so easily. Golf carts may appear lightweight since they can fit in truck beds, yet some of them can be pretty hefty. So you’ll need a sturdy jack that can support the weight of your cart.

Once you choose the right jack-up, choosing the right jack stand is essential, making the entire process safe and seamless. It also increases the cart’s stability. Your cart may become unstable and topple if you don’t use a stand, seriously injuring you. Therefore, you must utilize sturdy jack stands that can support the weight of the golf cart.

2.     Preparing Your Golf Cart

Once you gather all the essential materials to jack up the golf cart, you should get ready to start with the process. For that, one must turn off the cart before you jack it up, including turning off power and removing the key. You can also take the batteries out of the cart for added security.

The tires must then be choked and the brake applied. The cart won’t roll away if the wheels are chocked, especially on sloped slopes like lawns.

Only the wheels you don’t need to work on must be chocked. For instance, you must chock the rear wheels before jacking up the front wheels to work on the front portion of the cart.

After that, it is crucial to chock the wheels to keep your cart in good condition. Additionally, it makes the procedure safe by removing the possibility of the cart sliding and hurting someone.

It would help if you found the jack points to determine where to place a jack. Typically, they are found beneath the cart. They can be found underneath the frame rail at the front, back, or sides of the cart. If you need assistance finding the jack points, consult your user handbook.

It is also essential to clean around the jacking points. It may be easier to jack up your cart if there is a buildup of grass, yard waste, mud, and grit around the jacking points. Therefore, be sure to clean the jacking points thoroughly & the vicinity of them to eliminate all dirt and debris.

3.     Jacking up your Golf Cart

Now, when you have choked the wheel and located the jack points, it is time for you to jack up the cart. It is time to position the jack under the chosen jacking point. You need to take the golf cart’s jack and place it beneath the jack point of your choice. To achieve this, slide it under the frame of the cart.

To raise your cart off the ground, pump up the jack now. Make sure the cart is steady and doesn’t move while moving exceptionally slowly. After that, you need to fit the Jack stand and keep your cart stationary while performing maintenance; you must use golf cart jack stands.

After raising the golf cart sufficiently, you can simply slide the stands underneath the vehicle’s frame. Once you install the golf cart jack stands, slowly lower the jack until it is level with the jack stands. They’ll be forced to support the weight of your cart as a result. The jack can then be set aside for later use.

To be sure the stand will hold the cart securely once you start working on it and won’t tip it over, try giving it a little shake.

4.     Maintenance Time

You may do maintenance activities by jacking up the cart for a fraction of the expense of expert services.

It will occasionally need some maintenance, whether you use a cart for golf to get around the golf course or a street-legal version to tour your area. And to carry out these repairs securely, you’ll have to jack up the cart.

The following list of frequent maintenance chores that call for jacking up your cart.

·        Replacing a flat or damaged tire

·        Removing engine oil

·        jack points and the bottom of your cart should be cleaned.

·        Executing installation tasks

If you want to keep your golf cart from needing repairs frequently, you should use it carefully and cautiously. For instance, you shouldn’t drive carelessly or leave the plugin for days. Golf carts that have been jacked up are unstable and could hurt you. To ensure your safety, proceed with the utmost caution and adhere to these guidelines.

·        Prevent children and animals from playing near the cart once it has been jacked up.

·        Put the jack & jack stands on the frame or another robust cart area that can withstand pressure. A weaker component may not withstand the strain and sustain damage.

·        You might need to further steady the cart if it swells while the tires change. However, there shouldn’t be any issues if it’s not slipping off the stand/jack.

·        Lift the golf cart to the lowest height necessary to finish the task. Increased instability and risk of injury result from raising it higher.

5.     Lower your Golf Cart

The same processes are needed to lower the golf cart as to raise it. To lift the automobile such that the jack instead of the stand supports its weight, you should insert the jack beneath the golf cart’s frame & pump it up. You can then take the standoff once this is finished. Once the cart is on the ground, lower the jack.

Once the jack is securely removed from underneath your golf cart, you can resume utilizing your fully functional, expertly fixed golf cart.


What is the difference between jacking up and lifting?

Jacking up a golf cart and lifting it are two distinct processes. Lifting your cart is increasing the height of your cart utilizing a specialized lift kit & tires to improve clearance.

On the contrary, jacking up the golf cart means utilizing a jack & jack stand to raise it just a little bit off the ground.

Will jack-up cause any damage to your vehicle?

If you follow the proper steps and gently lift and lower the cart, jacking it up won’t harm it. However, leaving your cart jacked up for days is not advisable because it could become unstable and provide a health risk to everyone close.

What are the ways to change Golf Cart Tire?

In order to remove the wheels and valve stem, first loosen the lug nuts attached to the wheel and jack up the golf cart. The next step is to break a bead by pressing as hard as possible on the tire while it is on the ground. After that, take the old tire off the rim. Simply carry out the instructions in reverse to fit the fresh tire.

The Final Words

If you are a big golf fan, then you should know how to Jack Up a Golf Cart. One must know this because then they will be able to save a lot of your money by doing repairs yourself. It only takes a few steps to do it: position the jack under the desired jack point, pump it up, slide the jack stands in, and then lower the jack so that the supports hold the weight.

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